Crypto Monitor


Automatically perform technical analysis on all crypto markets with live price triggers.

Key Features

Smart analysis

Crypto Monitor analyzes a market against 12 technical indicators and 29 Candle stick patterns to determine if it is overbought or oversold.

Ranked by oversold / overbought

All markets are analysed and ranked based on their score. At any time, see which is currently the most oversold market.

Live price change triggers

Monitor in real time price changes of all markets. Recieve an alert if a crtiera is met. (E.G: If price drops 10% & volume changes by 5%)

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How smart is our smart analysis?

You don't need to be a technical analyst to understand our results, the app does the work for you.

The app performs analysis against the current order book, price, day range, 9 technical indicators and over 20 candlestick patterns. Once the numbers have been crunched, these are then run through our AI scoring algorithm on a scale of 0 - 100. Markets that score closer to 0 are oversold, whereas closer to 100 is overbought.

The score is presented in a simple oversold / overbought swing gauge at the top of the page. If you wanted to have a closer look at the analysis, all of the technical indicator graphs are available to view.

So, why have this data? This is a great aid for swing trading, especially technical and momentum trading. Essentially, you buy when a market is oversold, and sell when it is overbought.

Even if you are not a swing trading, the app will allow you to see if it's a good time to enter a market, or to wait as it could currently be overbought.

Try Crypto Monitor for free

Use all features for free for with the 3 day trial.


Other features

Live price change of all coins

Markets can not only be ranked by TA, but also by live price changes

Triggers by volume

You can set live triggers to appear only when a minimum volume percentage change occurs.

Full documentation

All features, pages and functions are documented.

Monitor by market cap

If you dont want to monitor all coins, you can choose to monitor the top 20, 50 or 100.

Limit pairings

Choose to enable or disable monitoring of ETH, BTC and USDT pairings

Web trends

Within the smart analysis, you can view the google trends of that market for a 7 day period.